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To keep up with the growing demands of a digital world, SociologicalYou has created the innovative and expansive NEXTGEN solution for today's students. We provide a wide variety of constantly-expanding crowdsourced resources. Instructors that contribute to these resources can receive honorariums each semester, and for every instructor that adopts SociologicalYou their department will receive a $150 scholarship to be used for their students. Let our team at SociologicalYou help you do what you do best: TEACH. We will handle the rest.

You can review these short video clips for an overview of SociologicalYou and read more information below these videos. When you are ready to request a review copy, just contact us HERE or select the Request Review Copy at Thank you!


SociologicalYou is a dynamic online learning system based on the latest research about how Millennials learn. The online textbook is divided into recurring modules that demonstrate the interwoven and interdependent topics within sociology, including periodic assessments to enhance students' understanding.
In addition to the textbook, students and instructors receive a constantly-expanding plethora of classroom materials including study guides, key terms, presentations, videos, and many more. These resources are contributed by instructors already using SociologicalYou in their classroom and provide an all-encompassing toolset for any instructor to perfect their teaching style and students to achieve success in the classroom. SociologicalYou exists to help instructors and students augment education and surpass what they think is possible in the contemporary classroom.


Student Testimonials

I like that SociologicalYou uses real life, current examples in the textbook. It really helps to understand the content.

SociologicalYou is one of the best textbooks I have every used. It is easy to access, contains condensed information, and has activities that directly line up with the material to check if I comprehend the information!

SociologicalYou has interesting content and helpful student resources that are super easy to use all for a great cost!

I like the review questions imbedded throughout the textbook because they help me make sure that I have comprehended the material I just read.

I like SociologicalYou because it is easy to understand. The information does not drag on, rather it keeps the reader engaged and forces them to retain the knowledge for the exercises that follow.

Instructor Testimonial

The students were so excited about all of the resources and they used them extensively. I have been teaching 20 years and the course grades jumped up substantially, primarily fewer lower grades. I attribute this to the students having study guides, outlines, Quizlets, and that they genuinely enjoyed reading the textbook.


SociologicalYou was written by two sociology instructors at Texas Christian University. Drs. Thompson and Whitworth witnessed a sea of change predicated by Millennial students not learning best from a static, printed textbook. The commonly-accepted methods of teaching that they and their peers had grown used to were like relics of a previous time. Together, the authors developed SociologicalYou to engage students in the way they could best be taught: up-to-the minute information produced dynamically and collaboratively, while speaking directly to their lived experience. This digital platform now pioneers the future of education for the Millennial generation.

ang-new-head-shotDr. Angela Thompson received her B.A. in English and Sociology from Wellesley College, her joint M.A. in Sociology and Women’s Studies from Brandeis University, and her Ph.D. in Sociology also from Brandeis University. Her doctoral research addressed the role of the wedding planner in the American wedding industry. Dr. Thompson has been at TCU in the Department of Sociology since 1998 and teaches Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, the Sociology of Food, Marriage and Family, and the Sociology of Weddings.

ang-new-head-shotDr. Keith Whitworth has taught at Texas Christian University since 1998 within the TCU Department of Sociology & Anthropology specializing in sustainability and the social impacts of technology. He received the 2009 TCU Michael R. Ferrari Award for Distinguished Service and Leadership. He has been featured on CNN, NPR, and television and radio stations across the nation for his expertise on how technology impacts American culture. He received his B.A. from Ouachita Baptist University in Sociology and his doctorate in Sociology from the University of North Texas.


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